panacea is comprised of natural and artificial materials that are first deconstructed and then reconfigured in an exploration of what constitutes our natural world. Crystalline greenhouses have been constructed to house our flora sculptures alluding to agricultural control of growth and development in nature. panacea explores the merging of our hand with the natural world as an extension of human intervention in the ecosystem. Our practice aims to challenge the prevailing ideology of nature as a balanced, regenerative system, which is then disturbed by human activity and instead propose that we are collective participants in what nature is becoming.

syringes, glucose capsules, spray paint, fake flowers, dried lotus, gum nuts,  both natural/artificial moss, dirt, pepples, fake grass, plastic mushroom, wire, plastic drop sheet, stretch wrap, aluminum rods, branches from corylus avellana, flame tree seed pods, wisteria seed pods, banskia pods, plastic aquarium plants, sea sponge


Exhibited as part of Sculpture in the Vineyards 2015 at Wollombi Wines, Hunter Valley NSW