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Waste and sea levels continue to rise, mounting pressure on the Earth’s ecology. Nature is popularly understood as a harmonious system that has been disturbed through human activity. This idea of nature and human hubris as discrete, binary entities fails to consider that we form part of nature’s unfathomable background. Pressure on the environment, pressure on our resources and pressure to change can paradoxically create a crucible for positive change in human society. The solution could be found in one of the sources of the ecological crisis, technological progression. primamateria explores this notion of the environmental predicament as a crucible in which ecological ideology can be broken down and reformed. The work is made without distinction between artificially or naturally derived materials to embody this understanding of humanity as nature, rather than just in it.

silicone, expanding foam, industrial paper printing offcuts, drinking straws, plastic childrens toys,, broken outdoor solar power lights, clear cellophane, drop sheet, branches from corylus avellana, spray paint, polystyrene, aquarium pebbles, artificial flowers, VB tin can, plastic drink lids, landscaping stones, miniature plastic bottles, artificial grass, solar powered cockroach, medical tubing, glitter, plastic name tag, wire, LEDs, gumnuts, gluclose capsules, plastic syringe, plastic tubing, glass pebbles


Exhibited as part of the GreenWay Art Prize 2015, Art. Est. Art School and Gallery, Leichhardt, NSW and awarded the inaugural Cooks River Alliance Small Sculpture Award