• New Pyramids, New Low 2013

New Pyramids


New Pyramids explores some of the inherent dichotomies in the prolific modern production, consumption and waste of household electronics. Contemporary culture is built around and hinges upon an almost obsessive consumption of commodities. The urge to repetitively replace products with illusory updates moves fastest in the realm of consumer electronics. The accelerated rate of technological innovation has been historically linked to the development of capitalist modes of production.  The ubiquitous hunger for mediatised stimuli can only be satiated through the continued exponential growth in technological production, contributing to a parallel overabundance of non-recyclable toxic waste materials.  E-waste includes (but is not limited to) computers, televisions, monitors, faxes, answering machines, cameras and mobile phones. Each of these products is a cultural vestige that has been a significant player in capitalist modes of production invasion and domination of all work and leisure time.

Our work explores the forecast of the Anthropocene – are our swollen landfills the pyramids of late capitalism? Will the archeologist of the future be digging through layers of E-waste?

e-waste, audiovisual equipment, CRT televisions, speakers, electrical cords, salt crystals, uv reactive dye, ultra violet light


Sound created in collaboration with Joe Cunliffe

Exhibited in a solo show at New Low, Carlton VIC & as part of Modern Ruin curated by Aaron Martin & Michael Brennan at The Substation, Newport VIC