• The Rave Cave of Psychotropic Nightmares, Kings ARI 2012

The Rave Cave of Psychotropic Nightmares


The Rave Cave is an accumulation of diverse materials and aesthetic approaches,

forming one distinct yet simultaneously fluid whole. Obsolete technologies, waste, and toxic space fillers form the fundamental building blocks in a contiguous form grown through a process of aggregation. Like baby fern leaves unfolding, the glowing detritus landscape began its natural expansion.

Though the Rave Cave outwardly impresses the senses, closer inspection reveals a mirage of detritus and other everyday artefacts of consumption bound with a toxic intermingling of expanding foam, silicone and spray paint. The conventional utilization of these materials as binding agents, re-emerge as a primary material for construction. Construction here inverts the receding cracks of entropy, forming an unembellished antithesis of the smooth and structured veneer we are all so accustomed to in the formation of the new. The fantastic world of consumerism becomes junk, which is then made fantastic again. Through the bombarding of the senses the Rave Cave opens to a duplicitous shared experience circumventing language barriers by placing the reception of value within the experience of the work.

plastic bottles, silicone, expanding foam, cellophane, milkcrates, plastic tubs, LEDS, silver air vents, glow dust, cardboard,  plastic industrial offcuts, water fountain, inflatable rams, spray paint, ultra violet light, aluminum cans, buckets, inflatable palm tree, foam noodles, milk bottles, plastic sheet, fog pump, spray paint, highlighters, CRT televisions, plastic food packaging


Collaborators: Nickk Hertzog, Gina Cuntstruct

Exhibited at Kings Artist Run Initiative, MELB, At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Inc, SYD & as part of the Brisbane Festivals Under The Radar Program at Metro Arts, BRIS