In shoreline everyday waste is intermingled with neon pigment and glimmering projections of light to invoke a reflective space. The swirling waters of the dish offer prophecies of a new landscape in which the past is interwoven with potential futures. From destruction can come growth. the human hand could act as a catalyst for environmental change; a crucible capable of reforming the ecology of the planet. One organism’s environmental apocalypse is anthers big break.

ACAB Collective, Shoreline, 2016, water, silver acrylic, neon paint, e-waste, salt crystals, guitar wire, 2-part epoxy, sand, Styrofoam, expanding foam, concrete, plastic bags, silicone, resin, clay figurines, UV light, projection. Dimensions L 84cm W 100cm H40cm

Exhibited as part of dLux Media Art’s event (Is This Art?) as part of the Spectrum Now Festival 2016