things we need


things we need acknowledges the old binaries of the natural/artifical and synthesise these elements into a cohesive whole, a transfigured coral reed composed of the artifacts of throwaway society. Minerals crystallize with this toxic environment, intermingling with the remnants of consumption allowing a new landscape to emerge, one inseparable from capitalism.

expanding foam, LED lights, plastic bottles, joysticks. Q-Tips, crystal growths, 6-pack rings, promotional detritus, defunct cables for outmoded technologies, bran-name sneakers, artifical plants and flowers an old playstation, australiana souvenirs, caulking silicone, a reindeer from an outdated myer windows display, McDonalds wrappers, headphones, TV remotes, a genuine fake rolex, polystyrene, answering machines, soft drink cans, astro turf, motherboards, ray ban sunnies, ultra violet light, plastic hamburger


Exhibited as part of SafARI Festival SYD 2014 curated by Liz Nowell & Christiane Keys-Statham at Conductors Project, Museum & St James Station